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HSE Passport offers an online health, safety & environmental issues training module for professional freelance contractors.

HSE Passport - Health, Safety & Environmental
training for contractors

A member of the Orange Genie Group

HSE Passport is a rapidly expanding service focused on providing generic Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental training to freelance contractors working throughout the UK.

Our mission is to provide contractors and their clients with a professional service to assist them in complying with the management of all Health, Safety and Environmental issues relating to their business. We aim to ease the burden of legal compliance, freeing up more time to concentrate on core business issues.

HSE passport gives a unique ID card that the holder can use as evidence to their having successfully completed our Health, Safety and Environment training. This card will have a picture of the contractor, a unique contractor number and a web address that can be used by the client to validate the details.

Each month over 1 million contractors carry out temporary assignments on clients' premises. In the modern world no business can risk ignoring its workplace health and safety obligations. Every business in the UK is affected by a wide range of health and safety regulations all of which impose duties and obligations on the business owners, managers, employees and contractors carrying out assignments in the workplace. Complying with these requirements is extremely time consuming, and in the case of contractors it is extremely difficult to justify effective health and safety training when the assignment may only last a few days.

Contractors may work through their own company, an umbrella company or may be self-employed. Whatever the trading arrangement the client has a responsibility to ensure that they have carried out a full risk assessment on their premises. The client has a responsibility to provide health and safety training and ensure that each contractor understands any risks they may be exposed to. To win work, the contractor must meet the clients' health and safety standards.

Participating in HSE Passport saves time, saves money and could ultimately save lives.

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